Rain run

Papa knowed.

Run dash gasp flash.

Plip plop rain a’drop.

“Big Da!” she cry sad. Tears rain a drip-plip.

Feet splash water up knees, deeper.

Shoulda listen’a Papa.

Big Da sooo wise. He seem care.

Plop plops flip-flops. Splash up tummy.

“Big Da!” she cry scared. “Papa!”

Should’a home come days ‘go.

Papa say rains to drip.

Plip rain lipdrips: “Papa!”

Big Da not mean-sharp as Papa. But Papa he knowed.

Big Da he bubble. He bubble down, no swim.

Water splash up chest.

See Papa! “Papa!”

Papa boat bobs.

Papa boat far.

She swim.

She sink.

She float.



Author’s note: I decided to write based on the Biblical story of Noah and the flood. But, not content to write a simple story, I twisted it by using the “random” button on TV Tropes. Here’s the trope I wove in: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ParentalSubstitute


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